From Bonaparte to Napoleon 100 masterpieces

Original Éditions presents

From Bonaparte to Napoleon
100 masterpieces

The exclusive book in giant format 48,5 x 70 cm

A unique edition limited of 1000 numbered copies

As a tribute to Napoleon 1st, Original Editions is publishing : " From Bonaparte to Napoleon - 100 masterpieces" : a superb collector's book in giant format, a limited edition of 1000 numbered copies. This art book consists of 100 reproductions of paintings by the greatest artists who depicted with skill the heroic deeds of the glorious Napoleonic era.

Painting preserves the records of history and remains the most attractive visual account of the life of the Emperor. We have decided, in collaboration with the Fondation Napoleon, to publish the largest ever book of art dedicated to the man who ranks among the greatest characters in the History of France.

From his meteoric rise to power, through his imperial conquests, to his fatal exile to Saint Helena, these 100 masterpieces will recall all the major events of the life of the man who, in 1804, became the first Emperor of France.

For the first time, all these masterpieces reproduced and compiled in an exceptional art book of giant size, make - From Bonaparte to Napoleon - a monument to Napoleonic art.

The rich iconography is complemented by 100 descriptions written by Irène Delage, head of the Documentation Centre at the Fondation Napoleon.

The preface has been written by Thierry Lentz, Director of the Fondation Napoleon.

Produced in the purest tradition of books of art, -" From Bonaparte to Napoleon - 100 masterpieces -" is of the highest quality and in giant format. The selection of the finest materials and the top quality printing and binding make it a truly exceptional work of art.

The book is supplied with its own de luxe box, representing "Napoleon crossing the Alps" by Jacques-Louis David. Printed, embossed, engraved in fine gold, and screen-printed on 5mm cloth- covered board - the box is a work of art in itself ! Hung on the wall like a painting, it will make a superb decoration.

About the publisher : Original Editions designs collector's art books in giant format, dedicated to artists, celebrities, or various cultural events. For us, quality comes first, so each book is made in the best tradition of books of art and is published in limited numbered copies. The choice of the very best materials as well as top quality printing and binding make them truly exceptional works of art for collectors.

About the author : Irène Delage is the head of Documentation, Services to the Public and New Technologies at the Fondation Napoleon. She has a DEA * in contemporary history and a degree from the INTD**. The author of several books on Napoleon and the First Empire, she regularly collaborates to various magazines and books.

* DEA : Diplôme d'Etudes Approfondies (Master of Advanced Studies) ** INTD : Institut National des Techniques de la Documentation

From Bonaparte to Napoleon – 100 masterpieces - To be released on November 15, 2013

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The book is supplied with its luxury box, with one of Jacques-Louis David's most famous paintings showing the First Consul crossing the Alps at the Saint-Bernard pass. Screen-printed on "Setalux" cloth-covered board. A true work of art and a collector's item!

"Sumo" format:
Closed: 49.5 cm x 70 cm
Open: 96 cm x 70 cm

50 cm x 71 cm x 5 cm de luxe box

inside : 112 colour pages on luxury paper
"skinplast" simulated leather binding

Weight of the book: 12 kg
Weight of the lectern: 6 kg
Unique edition limited to 1000 numbered copies worldwide and supplied with certificate of authenticity.

Price : 750 € (carriage included)

To be released : 15 December 2013